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To grow your following and likes, our app automatically performs actions via your account, boosts your engagement every time you post, provides you with researched hashtags and songs every week, as well as our TikTok creator course. These strategies are used by the most famous people in the world!


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1. Grow Your Followers

Our app will automatically engage with accounts that are likely to follow you. This will consistently grow your account with thousands of targeted and engaged followers in your niche every month.

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TikTok provides their top-creators with special hashtags & songs for each day before everyone else which allow them to consistently go viral by creating content before they become trending. Now You can get early access too!

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Get a burst of REAL likes and comments to your video from users in the same niche as you every time you post . This will get you onto the 'for you' page and help you go viral by pushing it up the algorithm!

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Questions & Answers

Is my account safe?

Our service is by far the safest growth solution available and prioritizes user safety. Our team makes sure that your account always operates within limits when performing actions, thus keeping your account safe at all times, while still providing you fast growth!

Is my growth 100% automated?

After you set your targeting and functions, we take care of all the growth for you 24/7. Think of us as your own personal account managers. Just set it and forget it! It's important that you use accurate targeting to maximize growth and attract relevant users.

How can I maximize my growth?

Build Your Audience: To maximize your growth, it's recommended you select accurate targeting when using this function. Thiswill ensure you attract the right followers in your niche.

Researched Hashtags: We recommend you use the hashtags for each chosen day of the week as provided in the app as they are guaranteed to become trendingon those particular days. These hashtags perform even better when the content is relevant to the hashtags.

Engagement Boost: This feature will increase your likes and comments every time you post, which will boost you onto the "for you"page," increasing your traction and odds of going viral. To maximize this feature, we recommend posting as often as possible.

eBook Provided:
Our free eBook willgive tyou content creation strtagies and advice which we recommend youuse alongside the growth platform itself. It was written by leading TikTok influencers who truly understand what goes viral.

Book a customised consultation through our app with a TikTok celebrity and get tailored help on improving your personal/business profile.

Where is your company based?

We are based in San Francisco, California. All our products are developed in the USA (including the application, website, eBook etc). Our support and consulting team are 100% fluent in English. We do not compromise on supporting our users.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Absolutely! You can cancel your subscription at anytime, however we are sure you'll continue to love the results once you get started! Since the entire growth is organic, the results will remain after you cancel your subscription! You can cancel your subscription by filling in the cancellation form below.

How fast will I grow?

Most of our clients grow from ~1-10k followers per month. However, how fast you grow depends on how often you post, the quality of your content and your ability to connect with fans. We provide growth tools which when combined with great content work to their highest ability.

How do you make me go viral?

Your followers and likes will grow consistently through us performing thousands of daily interactions with users in your niche to gain the attention of real users. Furthermore, our engagement boost, ebook, consulting and hashtag tools will provide you with the foundations to go viral and increase your traction on the "for you" page.

Will my followers disappear if I cancel?

No. All your followers gained will stay even after cancelling your plan. They're all real followers and will continue following/engaging with your content.

Are my followers 100% real?

Yes. Followers are gained through engagements made with users in your chosen niche. Therefore, your followers will be interested in your content and will follow you for that reason - making them a legitimate fan.

How long will it take to start growing?

It typically takes under 10 minutes to set-up your account and start growing. It is recommended you wait around 48 hours and post as often as possible to see extremely noticeable results.