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Fast Set-Up

Receive your link instantly after joining and start selling within minutes! No resume required!

Monthly Profit

Since TikBoost is a subscription based service, you will receive commission from your clients every month.

High Payouts

Our commission is 25% recurring monthly, 10x higher than the average on any product - and it's more in demand!

Easy To Sell

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How Does It Work?

After joining our team, you will be provided with your own custom TikBoost URL Link allowing us to track every purchase that comes through your link. Everytime someone signs up using your link, they will be placed under you as one of your clients. You will automatically receive a monthly payment for every client you accumulate. Overtime, this will become more and more money as you build your network.

Our Simple 3-Step Process


Get Your Custom Link

After signing up, we provide you with a custom tracking link. This way we can see everyone who signs up under your name.


Get People To Join

Once you've received your link, your goal is to get as many people top sign up through it. Share it everywhere!


Get Paid Every Day!

After signing people up through your link, you can start getting paid daily, so long as your users stay on our program.

Build An Empire With Proven Sales Strategies

Not only will we provide you with a custom link, you will also receive access to our TikBoost sales training course that will teach you proven strategies used by some of top earners to generate hundreds of sales in a matter of months. Using these tutorials you can build a successful business and generate passive income.


Calculate Your Monthly Profit

Monthly Profit from 100 Sign-Ups

Revenue From 100 Sign-Ups:
100 x $40 (per month) = $4,000 per month

Your Profit From 25% Commission
$4,000 x 0.25% = $1,000 per month

Total Affiliate Profit: $1,000 USD Every Month


Monthly Profit from 1,000 Sign-Ups

Revenue From 1000 Sign-Ups:
1,000 x $40 (per month) = $40,000 per month

Your Profit From 25% Commission
$40,000 x 0.25% = $10,000 per month

Total Affiliate Profit: $10,000 USD Every Month


Monthly Profit from 10,000 Sign-Ups

Revenue From 10,000 Sign-Ups:
10,000 x $40 (per month) = $400,000 per month

Your Profit From 25% Commission
$400,000 x 0.25% = $100,000 per month

Total Affiliate Profit: $100,000 USD Every Month


Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I get paid?

You will get paid every single week via PayPal or Bank Transfer. You will get paid a percentage for as long as each of your clients stay subscribed to the platform. The longer they stay, the more you make! So it's great to support them.

What is the best way to sell the product?

One of the best things about starting a business with the strategies we teach is that it requires minimal initial funding. Staring an online store using our course is considerably less expensive than it is to start a standard ecommerce store. You won’t need to source products in bulk or worry about delivery, so it’s still one of the best ways to run your own online store and be in profit quickly.

Can I stop at anytime?

Yes, you can discontinue selling our product at anytime and we won't stop paying you for as long as the clients you generated stay on our platform. This way, you can generate passive income as

How do I get paid?

You can earn through PayPal or direct Bank Transfer. The choice is up to you and you will be paid out every week.

Can I build a team under me?

Yes, the course was developed by Australian entrepreneurs with over 10+ years of eCommerce experience. After selling their online businesses they dedicated their time to making the best online course to allow aspiring entrepreneurs to work from home and share their passion for encouraging financial freedom.

How long will I get paid for?

You will be paid for as long as the clients you acquire stay on our platform. E.g. if your client stays for 12 months, you will be paid for 12 months.

Do I need any qualifications to join?

No! Anyone can join and start earning money within 2 minutes. However, if you have a huge social media network (500K+), reach out to us via the contact page for custom affiliate offer to ensure you maximise this opportunity with us.